Premiere September 6, 2011
Historical film, drama
118 min
A film based on real-life events about the liberation of King George VI from stuttering using the specific methods of speech therapist Lionel Logue
The plot of the film tells the story of the Duke, who is preparing to assume the position of the British King George VI, the father of the current Queen Elizabeth II
Plagued by a terrible nervous stutter and doubt in his ability to lead his country, George seeks the help of an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Log
$15 000 000
Worldwide Gatherings
$410 867 243
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Directed by
Tom Hooper
The future king’s wife turns to the little-known Australian speech therapist and amateur actor Lionel Logue
His methods are controversial and can hardly be approved by official science, but they are effective
20 January 1936 George V dies and tron passes to David
However, David is not about to give up his idea of marrying Wallis, a divorced American woman whom he sincerely loves. But according to canons of the Church of England, of which the King of England is the head, marriage to a divorced woman is absolutely unacceptable. David renounces the throne
Albert, Duke of York, second son of Britain’s King George V, prepares to sit on the tron
Soon, under Lionel’s eccentric guidance, Albert is making significant progress in overcoming his affliction
The speech therapist makes the prince pronounce shorthand phrases, develop the diaphragm and other muscles
A friendly relationship develops between the speech therapist and the monarch...
The best doctors in Britain can’t help
Georg (or simply Bertie) has been struggling for years with his stuttering and his inability to speak normally in front of crowds of people
A brilliant cast: Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter
Interesting events unfolding at the beginning of World War II
A glimpse into the lives of the royal family
Entered history as a symbol of the struggle of Britain and the British Empire against Nazi Germany in World War II
Colin Firth
He was a quiet man who, as fate would have it, found himself on the throne at one of the most dramatic moments in the history of his country and the world
Lionel never cured GeorgeVI of his stuttering, but he helped him for the rest of his life
Geoffrey Rush
The Duke of York began his studies with the Log in 1925, and held his first speech without hesitation on 3 September 1939 .
The doctor worked with the  herzog until until the 1940s  . They remained friends until the end of their lives
King George XVI. made him a as Commodore of the Royal Victorian Order in 1944 .
The Duchess of York was an enthusiastic speech therapist
Helena Bothem Carter
After her lessons, she repeated all the exercises with Albert, and, most importantly, she believed in the results.
December 14, 1895 ...
…Born Albert Frederick Arthur George in Sandringham, Norfolk, England
Albert Frederick Arthur George will in the future become King George VI, head of the British Commonwealth and imperor of India
Albert's childhood was difficult
The boy grew up without parental love and care. His father, George V, was a harsh, even cruel man. The child had problems with his health
Bertie stuttered painfully!
The boy was homeschooled from the age of seven
And in 1908 he took the examinations at the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth the traditional place of education of English princes.
After graduation, the prince enlisted in the naval service
George V (father) awarded him the Order of the Garter
For some time Albert had to interrupt his service because of ill health. He returned and in 1916 participated in the famous Battle of Jutland
In 1917 Albert received the rank of lieutenant
In 1918. Prince acquired the qualifications of a pilot
In 1918, when Albert was 23 years old, his father ordered him to join the aviation service
On April 26, 1923, Albert married a Scottish aristocrat, Elizabeth Boyles-Lyon
...and was appointed president of the Industrial Welfare Society, which introduced the latest technology: streetcars, buses, elevators
In 1926 and 1930, the couple had daughters, Elizabeth, the future Queen of England, and Margaret.
In 1925, with the support of his wife, Albert began to treat his stuttering...
In June 1920, Albert was granted the title of Duke of York…
David Seidler is the oldest recipient of the award. He won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay at the age of 73
This is the first film by Australian producers to win the Oscar for Best Picture.
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